queue management



Xarevision's queue management is the field-proven, time-tested solution to optimize waiting times while increasing the quality of customer service. Generally comprising a ticket dispenser, with a touch screen and a customer calling screen, Xarevision's systems are cost competitive, scalable from single to unlimited number of queues. They can be easily adapted to accommodate different types of business, with customizable equipment (in shape and color) for good aesthetic integration within the existing facility and user friendly software configured according to specific needs.



The whole modern system of multiple queue management in Continente stores is run by Xarevision. This project allowed the chain to greatly improve its store environment and customer satisfaction, serving a daily average of about 70 000 customer call tickets.






digital signage



We make sure your message reaches your customers as well as your team. Be it in corporate communication, public transportation or public spaces, Xarevision implements and manages digital networks of centrally managed displays, capable of transmitting information, selective advertising, and entertainment. Our solutions provide local, contextualized and updated content, using any network computer data and connecting to virtually any source of information, dramatically reducing complexity and installation costs. We provide the complete package, with installation of hardware plus network management, supporting content creation and updating, as well as uninterrupted technical monitoring during the project's entire lifetime. Your messages will be heard and seen. Your customers will share your vision and remember your products.


We partner with Coca-Cola developing advertisement roofs for their shelves using LCDs and digital signage technologies. We maintain their network, manage its content and ensure the quality of the service, so there is no downtime in their campaigns.


Xarevision worked with the main bus transportation company in the city of Porto, STCP, to implement a private digital TV network. Along with corporate information, the displays on the buses include relevant information for the users, such as the GPS location of the vehicle, the weather forecast and news. Through this network, free WiFi was also made available for the vehicle’s users.


The internal TV network of the Engineering School at Politechnical Institute of Porto, ISEP, was implemented and is currently run by Xarevision. With a daily audience of nearly 7.000 people, this network favors even better visibility of the institution, for students, teachers, staff and everyday visitors.





new media



Based on our deep knowledge of in-store digital technologies and content management, we create highly and truly differentiated interactive media. Our solutions are capable of unprecedentedly catching consumer’s attention and ultimately leveraging the sales process. Xarevision is one step ahead, from simple interactive information kiosks, all the way to touchscreen shelf-displays. Features like gesture recognition, georeferencing and individual addressing, as well as mobile network communication abilities give us leading advantage in this field. As a plus, we can remotely control and supervise large and distributed networks across country.







new media device